blast Joints

Blast joints are coupling OD tubing ID components installed in the production string adjacent to casing perforations. These products provide a thick wall member in an area subjected to high velocity flow into the casing annulus. This thick walled tubing member resists erosion from this blast that could, over time, result a hole being eroded in ordinary production tubing creating a leak and a potential weak spot in the production string. Tejas Tubular is one of the largest manufacturers of API couplings in North America. All of our blast joints are manufactured from the same high quality API seamless collar stock as our tubing and casing couplings, and are made in accordance with API specification 5CT latest edition, with full traceability. All Tejas Tubular blast joints are made with the Tejas Tubular quench and temper process in our own heat treat lines.

Diameters 2 ⅜-,2 ⅞-, 3 ½-, 4 ½-in
Weights Standard, heavy walls available upon request
Lengths 10- and 20-ft
Grades J55, L80, N80, P110 
Connections NUE, EUE, USS improved buttress
Other Options
  • Bullet nose on EUE connections
  • Special lengths available on request
  • Blast joints are manufactured with a box x pin configuration as a standard but are available in other configurations on request.