As one of the leading manufacturers of Oil Country Tubular Goods in the USA, Tejas Tubular Products Inc., incorporates API approved (licensed) processing consisting of upsetting, heat treating quench and temper for both tubing and casing (Range 2 and Range 3) Grades J55, N80, L80 & P110. Our multiple thread lines offer EUE, NUE, USS IMP BTT, STC, LTC and BTC configurations.


Tejas Tubular forges tubing and drill pipe upset in accordance with API specifications and many other standards. Special upsets for premium and integral connection can also be forged upon request.

Heat Treating

We perform three types of heat treatment: quench and temper (Q&T), normalizing (Norm), and normalized and tempered (N&T). Tejas Tubular uses gas fired furnaces and electrical induction furnaces for heat treatment of products.  We have multiple heat-treatment lines to support various product needs and deliver diverse and large orders on time.

Inertia Welding

Weld integrity is a must in the oil field drilling industry. Proven reliability of inertia welded connections, coupled with the process advantages such as being clean, fast, consistent, and free of operator-induced error, makes inertia welding the only way to manufacture oilfield drill pipe.

Hot Sizing

To insure the diameters of the heat treated pipe are within the tolerances of API Specification 5CT all our casing is hot sized at temperatures higher than  850°F [454°C]. Our hot sizing operation, after tempering, substantially reduces ovality of the casing and enhances the collapse pressure rating.


At Tejas Tubular, all tubular products  are visually inspected after heat treatment for deviation from straight or chord height to comply with API specifications and straightened with processors and cross roll straightened as required.

Hydro Testing

Tejas Tubular has designed custom built plain end hydro testers which can apply test pressure to 15,000 psi [103,421 kPa]. Blank tubing is fed into the equipment where appropriate test pressure is applied and held for a specified time according to API specifications and customer requirements.

End Finishing

Each product processed by Tejas Tubular is drift tested according to API specifications throughout its entire length in a designated inspection area. High density polyethylene or plastic with metal insert thread protectors are installed wrench tight to avoid loosening during transport. These protectors are installed on both ends of the pipe whether supplied pin x pin or box x pin.


Tejas Tubular uses  high-speed production band saws in which premium seamless green tubes are cut to precise length, in order to be manufactured as couplings, pup joints or tool joints in different lengths and configurations.

CNC Machining

Tejas Tubular uses CNC lathes for the threading and/or machining of tubular products. CNC lathes allow us to produce precision finished products by using special programming and high-quality carbide tooling. Standard products are machined as established in API Specifications 5CT. Machining/threading are also performed as needed for special customer requirements.

All machined/threaded products are inspected and verified to be finished to the utmost accuracy and compliance to requirements.