The Tejas Tubular TTUS semi-premium connection provides an upset coupled connection with an internal torque shoulder. The internal shoulder provides a flush ID in the coupling to eliminate turbulence and minimizes erosion during production.

Also, the internal shoulder increases compression strength and torsional efficiency of the thread and provides the strength necessary to drill out plugs or be rotated through highly deviated sections.  The robust design provides 100% compression strength and internal yield pressure in a connection that is easier to stab, faster to make-up and resists cross threading while providing less hoop stress than traditional API externally upset connections.

*Patent pending

Performance data sheets

TTUS_2.875_6.5 N_L-80


TTUS_2.875_6.5 P-110


TTUS_2.875_8.7 N_L-80


TTUS_2.875_8.7 P-110


TTUS_3.500_9.3 N_L-80

Additional sizes weights and grades are designed but not yet tested. If you need tubing with the TTUS connection in any configuration not shown above, contact the Tejas Tubular sales department.