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  Explore Our Cutting-Edge Casing Facility in Houston, Texas, Processing Over 200,000 Tons Annually. Distinguished by our unique hot-sizing and hot-straightening capabilities, our plant stands as an industry pioneer, offering unmatched processing excellence. As a leading name in North America’s casing processing realm, we boast substantial processing capacity. Your casing products transform under the expert guidance of our seasoned professionals – the best in the field.

  Adaptable to your specific requirements, our agile team ensures your needs are met. Our rigorous quality system underscores our commitment to precision, guaranteeing meticulous process control across all operations, resulting in the delivery of paramount quality products.



  • Unique heat treat setup with induction and gas-fired equipment guaranteeing tighter process control
  • In-line hot sizing and straightening is our standard procedure
  • Our heat treatment facility is well-suited for sour service grades and pipe requiring high collapse values
  • Can heat treat up to 9 5/8″
  • Can thread up to 13 3/8″

Tejas Casing Specifications

Product Specification Level (PSL)
Wall Thickness
High Collapse Grades
API Connections
Seamless and ERW
2 or 3 when specified
4 ½”, 5″, 5 ½”, 6 ⅝”, 7″, 7 ⅝”, 8 ⅝”, and 9 ⅝”
0.250″ through 0.750″
C90, C110, J55, JFB, K55, L80, N80(Q), Q125, P110, and T95
HCL80 and HCP110
Range 1, 2, and 3
GBCD , JFE , ME2 , Metal one, TCBC

Why Our Casing?

Hot Sizing & Hot Straightening

Hot Sizing & Hot Straightening

Our company offers unique hot-sizing and hot-straightening capabilities. Our in-line hot-sizer controls tube dimensions, reducing ovality, and we hot-size all casing during wet magnetic particle inspection. We also inspect all pipe ends for added safety and assurance.

Ultrasonic Weld-Line Inspection (UTWL)

Ultrasonic Weld-Line Inspection (UTWL)

We rigorously examine every weld seam to identify any defects and apply magnetic particle inspections on pipe ends to pinpoint any steel or processing-related concerns.

SEA Inspection

SEA Inspection

By utilizing the wet magnetic particle technique, we conduct inspections on pipe ends, including those up to 18 inches in size, addressing potential oversights that can occur during UTWL and EMI inspections.

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