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At Tejas Tubular, we’ve dedicated decades to crafting a brand that stands as a beacon of trust in our industry. Our commitment goes beyond simply offering high-quality OCTG products suited for various applications. Although plastic protectors may not be central to our business or a significant revenue generator, we consider them essential. Why? Because they ensure the protection of our customers’ assets, both before and after they’re dispatched to their destinations.

Protect Your Investment


Plastic ProtectorsDiscover our wide range of protectors meticulously crafted to safeguard your pipes and equipment against environmental elements and impacts. Our collection includes vibrant protectors tailored to your desired color, adding a personal touch to your equipment. Each protector is precision-engineered to match the dimensions flawlessly and threading specifications of all pipes and tools we provide. Committed to ethical practices, our sister company, Plastic Protector, guarantees that every item you receive fulfills its intended purpose, ensuring peak performance whenever you require it.


Tubing Protectors

Other Options
2 ⅜" , 2 ⅞"
EUE , TTS-8 , TTWS , Pin/Box
•Offer custom color protectors upon request
•Several sizes of blanks that can be machined to specification
•Open ended 2 ⅜" and 2 ⅞"

Casing Protectors

Other Options
4 ½” , 5 ½” , 7" , 9 5 ⅝"
LTC , BTC , Pin/ Box
•Offer custom color protectors upon request

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