TTWS T&C Connection:

TeJas Tubular Threaded & Coupled Workstring Connection

TTWS Connection — Extended reach frac-DRILL-OUT and workstring connection

TTWS connection: Patent Pending
 is a threaded and coupled, high torque, six threads per inch, double start with a straight-to-taper connection, providing deeper stabbing and faster make and breaks.


Premium Tubing


  • Exceptional performance with super laterals, torque-intensive, wear-inducing frac plug drill-outs
  • Replaceable coupling reduces repair and damage beyond repair (DBR) costs to a fraction of IJ connections
  • Low maintenance cost, high torque, fast make-up, easy-stabbing, gas-tight, non-jump-out connection
  • High-friction co-efficient thread compound and greater applied torque to the mill relative to the field end ensure the TTWS coupling is not compromised.
  • Ideal for frac plug drill-outs

TTWS In Detail

Achieve maximum performance, durability, and efficiency with our premium coupling. Our patented designs and manufacturing processes ensure our product is durable and economically beneficial. In case of damage or wear, our collar is easily replaceable. Trust in our product to deliver the best results every time.

Bearing Face

Bearing Face

  • External torque and shallow angle bevel
  • Hidden to provide a smooth transition
Hook Thread Design

Hook Thread Design

  • Thread jumpout-proof "hook" profile, which ensures trouble-free drilling and pulling out
Primary MTM Seal

Primary MTM Seal

  • Radial, metal-to-metal, gas tight seal
Torque Shoulder

Torque Shoulder

  • Negative angle, internal torque shoulder, acts as a secondary seal and contributes to the connection's high torque capacity (138% of BTS-6)
Embedded Hardband

Embedded Hardband

  • Hi-chrome, casing friendly
  • Slows down the wear on the coupling

TTWS Specifications

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