Tejas Coupled Connection

Inertia Welded Tool Joint, AND forged upset tubing

Premium Tubing

Work string Workhorse:
GAS-TIGHT premium tubing

Tejas is the ultimate provider of top-notch solutions for work string usage. We go beyond the ordinary by extending upsets and refurbishing used pipes to enhance our inertia-welded tool joint’s durability. Our engineering and manufacturing techniques, material selection, and thorough testing procedures are second to none, guaranteeing that the tool’s integrity is always preserved.

Premium Tubing

TTWS Connection

is a threaded and coupled, high torque,  six threads per inch, double start with straight-to-taper, providing deeper stabbing and faster make-ups.


  • Replaceable coupling
  • Gas-tight
  • High torque strength
  • 100% efficiency under tension/ compression &
    internal/external pressure
  • OD is 0.100” smaller than hard-banded PH6
  • Flush ID
  • Eliminates the galling risk 
  • Reduced erosion-corrosion 

How it Works

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