Tejas Integral Connection

Inertia Welded Tool Joint, AND forged upset tubing

Enhanced Dual-Step Design for Upset Ends: Effortless Stabbing, Smooth Make-Up, and Unrivaled Galling Resistance

Introducing TTS-6: A Renowned Thread Design for Production Tubing and Work String Needs. With its dual step design on upset ends, it ensures effortless stabbing and seamless make-up, coupled with exceptional resistance to galling. Boasting 100% efficiency in tensile, internal pressure, and collapse performance, alongside robust torque strength, TTS-6 guarantees a hassle-free connection for all high-temperature/high-pressure applications.


TTS-6 Connection

  The TTS-6 connection is an integral joint, six threads per inch, two-step connection with upset ends, providing deep stabbing and quick make-up.



  • Gas-tight
  • 100% efficiency under tension/ compression &
    internal/external pressure
  • Deep stabbing
  • Eliminates galling risk
  • Reduced erosion-corrosion

Connection Data sheets

Available in additional sizes, weights, and grades. If you need this connection in any configuration not shown below, contact the our sales department at sales@tejastubular.com

» 2.375″ 5.95# P110 TTS6
» 2.875″ 7.90# P110 TTS6
» 2.875″ 9.45# P110 TTS6
» 2.875″ 7.90# NL80 TTS6

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