Introducing Tejas Tubular’s groundbreaking TTS-6 Black premium connection

Introducing Tejas Tubular’s groundbreaking TTS-6 Black premium connection: a gas-tight two-step tubing solution engineered for excellence. Like its counterpart, PH6®, our TTS-6 Black surpasses industry standards, focusing on longevity and convenience.

What truly distinguishes our TTS-6 Black is its innovative design, featuring extended upsets. These upsets are not just a design feature but a key to superior performance and long-term value. They allow for multiple recuts, maximizing the connection’s value over time. With precise measurements of 9.000″ on the long inertia weld tool joints, this connection seamlessly facilitates threaded and coupled workover capabilities. Tejas TTS-6 Black ensures a smooth operation, enabling efficiency and productivity.

At Tejas Tubular Products, we provide cutting-edge solutions prioritizing durability, reliability, and value. Choose Tejas TTS-6 Black for your tubing needs and experience unmatched performance backed by our dedication to excellence.